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Dear sirs!


It’s a pleasure for me to present one of the largest enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic – the Joint-Stock Company “Kant Cement & Slate Works”.

The enterprise has a 30-year term of working experience. By this time we have accumulated much experience of work. The production manufactured at the plant is in great demand with the public.

Our success is based on high quality of our cement, asbestocement pipes, and slate. Our cement demonstrates excellent characteristics in the conditions of sulphate aggression, adversely mineralized waters, and even after being freezing and melted many times.

The authorities of the enterprise managed to preserve highly skilled personnel and the industrial potential of the plant despite the present economic crisis.

The plant has perspectives.

We are interested in widening of the current of the current business contacts and establishing new business relations. We are also open for long-term and mutually profitable cooperation.


Sincerely yours,

General Director of the Company                                     Ilya BEZSMERTNY


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